Local man wants his Gareth Southgate skeleton back after criminal charges dropped

A Carnoustie man who dressed up a model skeleton as Gareth Southgate after England’s elimination from the World Cup has been told he will no longer face breach of the peace charges.

Gareth Southgate effigy in Carnoustie

Kenneth Whyte, 57, put the skeleton on the roof of his Barry Road home ahead of this year’s Open Championship.

He put a waistcoat on the dummy after England lost 2-0 to Belgium in the third place play-off alongside signs saying “The Gareth South-gate exit!” and “Advice to our English friends, please remember the route when you are coming home again!”.

Police confiscated the skeleton before Mr Whyte was formally charged with breach of the peace.

However, he has now been told the charges have been dropped and is demanding the return of his skeleton.

The Crown Office confirmed charges have been dropped.