Local council committed to new rail link

David Alexander

Fife Council has confirmed its commitment to reinstating the Levenmouth rail link.

The local authority vowed to do everything in its power to boost the bid following an appeal for support from campaign group members.

Council co-leader David Alexander warned, however, that the case for reopening the line between Leven and Thornton must be as robust as possible, saying: “A sense of entitlement will get us nowhere.”

Transport Scotland will announce funding allocations for various projects around the country later this year and is currently reviewing a report containing the latest information on the proposed Levenmouth link.

Eugene Clarke, chairman of Levenmouth Rail Campaign, said: “Reinst-ating the link to Thornton, which means having direct train services from Leven to Edinburgh, has been described by rail experts as a no-brainer.

“It is technically straightforward as the line and all permissions are already in place.”