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Local cemetery gates to be closed to stop drivers using it as a shortcut

Jeanfield Cemetery.

Gates to Perth’s main cemetery will be closed to stop disrespectful drivers using the historic site as a rat run.

Cars, including for funerals, will now only be able to access Jeanfield Cemetery from one side.

The gates at the Rannoch Road end of the cemetery, home to the city’s Polish war graves, will be locked and access for vehicles will be from Jeanfield Road.

Perth and Kinross Council made the decision due to fears about pedestrian safety, since cars are regularly seen speeding through the cemetery to avoid traffic.

Councillor Angus Forbes, convener of the environment and infrastructure committee, said: “It is disappointing motorists feel that driving through places of rest by way of a shortcut is acceptable and I believe that the majority of residents would agree it shows a marked lack of respect and is not an appropriate use of the cemetery.”