Local cattery faces closure amid council cutbacks

Flatfield Cattery owner Paul and Liz Eddy with cat Candy.

A cattery faces closure following a council decision that could slash its income by 80%.

Flatfield Cattery in Errol currently has enough space to house 60 animals but Perth and Kinross Council is insisting it is no longer up to scratch.

Despite approving the cattery’s operations annually for the past 30 years, the local authority is now attempting to impose national guidelines — first introduced more than 20 years ago — which state all cats must have individual exercise areas attached to their sleeping quarters.

Owners Paul and Liz Eddy said that to fulfil that requirement would reduce the cattery’s capacity to 11 cats, reducing their income by 80% which would not be viable.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “Officers have offered to work with the owners and provide advice as they consider their options.

“It is with regret that we are in this position — however, the welfare of the animals being looked after must be the top priority.”