Letter about appointments to Tele leads to action from NHS Tayside

NHS Tayside is to start printing the day appointments are scheduled for in letters to patients, in a bid to make them easier to understand.

The health service has made the decision following a letter from a Tele reader named Mrs Blair, who said that printing dates without corresponding days was confusing for elderly patients.

Her letter read: “The way the letter is worded, it doesn’t say what day it was — it is confusing for elderly people like me.

“When I went to my appointment there was another man who had exactly the same problem as me. I think they should change the wording to their letters.

“It wouldn’t take much and it might help them save money from missed appointments.”

An NHS Tayside spokeswoman said: “The content of our appointment letters is automatically generated so we have contacted our system supplier to request the letter template be amended to include the day as well as the date of appointments.”