Learner drove in Dundee without supervision and crashed into parked car

Clement Park Road, Lochee (stock image)

A learner driver who got behind the wheel of a car without supervision caused £7,000 of damage when he crashed into a parked car.

Alan Leslie Jones, 25, of Clement Park Road, Lochee, admitted that on May 14, in Clement Park Road and Merton Avenue, he drove carelessly, attempted to turn left from Clement Park Road into Merton Avenue at excessive speed, lost control of the car and collided with a stationary car, causing damage to both.

He also admitted driving on a provisional licence without a qualified driver beside him, not displaying L plates and driving without insurance.

Depute fiscal Claire Rowan said witnesses heard car tyres screeching at 11.30pm and thought the car was travelling at excessive speed.

They saw the car turning the corner on the wrong side of the road then colliding with another vehicle. The owner of the stationary car was in bed and was woken by the noise of the crash.

Looking out, she saw her car had been struck and badly damaged. The damage to the car was put at £7,000, the fiscal said, plus the owner had to pay £100 excess.

Solicitor Anika Jethwa said Jones had had an argument with his partner and was extremely angry, got in his car and collided with the vehicle and caused damage.

Sheriff Vaughan fined Jones £600 and disqualified him from driving for a year.