Learn to be a Lifesaver: First aid is one of the best things I’ve done, says Tele reporter

I can say from personal experience that having first aid and CPR training is one of the best things I have ever done, writes Tele reporter Lindsey Hamilton.

As a qualified swimming coach with the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association, I was also expected to have and regularly update my first aid/CPR qualifications.

All my training was done pool-side, but the basic life-saving techniques are exactly the same — no matter where they are administered.

It was while I was undergoing my first-ever training — which involved all aspects of knowing how to save a life — that I was called upon to use my skills.

It was close to the day I sat my practical exam in the swimming pool, that an HGV lorry crashed on a country road outside my friend’s house.

Obviously, we immediately ran outside and were met by a scene of carnage.

The lorry had crashed into a house that sat on the road side and the front of the cab was crumpled.

The lorry driver had been flung through the windscreen and was lying in a sorry state.

While my friend contacted the emergency services and dashed into the house for blankets, I went to see what I could do.

Fortunately, the driver was conscious but wasn’t moving and obviously in considerable pain and a state of shock.

Everything I had been taught about checking airways, breathing and pulse immediately came to mind.

Thanks to my training, I felt able to calmly deal with the situation and stayed with the man until the ambulance arrived.

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