Learn to be a Lifesaver: Dundee schools urged to get involved in CPR training

National programme manager for Save a Life Scotland, Lisa MacInnes.

Schools in Dundee are being urged to take advantage of free CPR training equipment.

Save a Life Scotland, in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation, is asking city schools to get in touch and help educate a host of young lifesavers.

The plea comes as the Tele continues its Learn to be a Lifesaver campaign aimed to get Dundonians to sign up to first aid courses.

Dundee postie Nicola Johnson’s actions inspired the campaign after she used CPR to save an unconscious woman during her rounds.

Schools across the city and throughout Scotland are offered CPR training from the early years of primary school.

Lisa MacInnes, national programme manager for Save a Life Scotland, says although there’s been “significant growth” in the number of children being educated, some Dundee schools are missing out on free equipment.

She said: “We’ve been doing a lot of work in primary and secondary schools to raise more awareness and work with our partners.

“Whether that’s helping to get people in or, if that’s not possible, supply kit which includes a DVD they can watch and follow.

“Some teachers might not be sure where to start but they can get in touch with ourselves and we can assist.

“It’s clear from what we’ve seen that it is hugely important for kids to learn it early on and they can show it to others.

“Since we started our campaign we’ve definitely seen significant growth in the number of people and schools asking for help to introduce CPR lessons.”

A wide variety of courses, aimed at giving people the tools they need to deal with different emergencies, are on offer in the city and surrounding area.

Lisa added: “It’s our belief that every child should have the opportunity to learn CPR in school. We’ve come together with our partners at the British Red Cross, the British Heart Foundation and Education Scotland so that if any schools are interested in receiving training we can pull those resources together. In Dundee in particular there’s about six schools on our database that are eligible to benefit from that.”