Lady Boys of Bangkok return to Baxter Park for sell-out show

The popular Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in Dundee to celebrate their 21st tour in style.

Their Greatest Showgirls tour is heading for a complete sell-out at the city’s Sabai Pavilion in Baxter Park.

Promoter Binky Beaumont urged Dundee fans to snap up tickets for the show which will feature performances by 16 of the most glamorous showgirls with “crystals and sequins galore” to showcase tributes to divas including Beyonce, Madonna, Kylie and Rihanna.

He said: “When artistic director Philip Gandey opened The Lady Boys of Bangkok at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1998, the success of the show was mind-blowing.

The ladyboys are back with a bang.

“After a few amazing years, demand was really high from other cities for us to bring this one-of-a-kind production to them as well.

“For its 21st year we are bringing audiences a show that is even more glitzy and glamorous – and we even have three new cast members.”

Binky added: “Every year there is a new theme and The Greatest Showgirls tour allows us to celebrate our favourite divas.

“The Lady Boys wear more than 400 impressive costumes in the show, and a full-time seamstress is employed to keep them all in check.

“But the Lady Boys of Bangkok show isn’t all just about glamour.

“There’s side-splitting comedy and plenty of audience participation.

“With more songs and big-scale musical production numbers than you could point a perfumed glove at, The Lady Boys of Bangkok add a splash of colour to the black and white normality of everyday life.”

The first Baxter Park show is on Friday at 7pm, with a second performance at 9pm.

There is one Sunday show while the performers have Monday off before further shows through until Saturday July 6, with two shows on Saturday June 29.

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