Kris Boyd makes bizarre claim that Dundee United are suffering because of their Rangers ‘stance’

Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd made a bizarre rant about Dundee United on live radio.

Speaking on BBC Scotland’s Sportsound show last night, the current Kilmarnock forward said the Tannadice club’s decline was because of an alleged “stance” on the Ibrox side’s money woes in 2012.

A perceived stance from Rangers supporters is that United chairman Stephen Thompson was revelling in the Blues’ decline and drop to the bottom tier of Scottish football.

However, United’s approach was the same as other club chairmen at the time.

Despite this, Boyd ranted that United should have been “careful what you wished for”.

The programme was discussing the decline of Dundee United following the departure of manager Ray McKinnon and Boyd took the discussion on an unexpected turn.

Kris Boyd

The transcript is as follows:

Kris Boyd: Dundee United are another club since, when you go back to the Rangers scenario, Dundee United have been in decline since then as well. It’s one of those ones where you need to be careful what you wish for. Stephen Thompson was a big part of that.

Kenny McIntyre (host) – So you’re talking about his stance on the Rangers situation?

Kris Boyd: 100%. I think when you look at his club, that’s backfired on him, there’s no doubt about it.

Tom English [bemused]: How has… what? How has the Rangers situation back fired on them?

Kris Boyd: The way they went about it. I feel it has been in total decline since then. They’ve went down into the Championship, they’ve struggled with Premiership players, they’re still paying the big money.

Tom English: I don’t think their Rangers stance has anything to do with it, Kris.

Michael Stewart: I get where Rangers are not happy with the stance Dundee United took with them, but I don’t see the correlation with that and their position now.

Kris Boyd: What I’m saying is, since Rangers have went down the leagues Dundee United have followed.

Stephen Thompson

The comments provoked a reaction on social media from football fans.

One said he was “everything that’s wrong with Scottish football”.

Listener David Carson added:

While United fan Scott Carson branded the segment an “embarrassment”.