Kids left ‘devastated’ after break-in to Dundee home

Mya, 10, and Austin, 5, who had items stolen by thieves who broke into dad Jan Rachwal’s home.

Thieves broke into a Dundee house and made off with a five-year-old’s games console and his sister’s phone.

Jan Rachwal’s home in Myrekirk Terrace, Charleston, was broken into while he and his three kids slept.

The crooks made off with his five-year-old son Austin’s games console and also took nine-year-old Mya’s brand new iPhone 6+.

The total value of the items is nearly £1,000.

The 29-year-old told the Tele that his kids — including nine-year-old Lucy who was also present at the time — were “devastated” and were now fearful of staying in their own home.

He said: “The kids were at mine and Austin had wanted to bring his PS4 down and play it on the big TV.

“My daughter’s phone was on charge in the living room too.

“Everyone went to bed but then when I woke up early in the morning for my work and went down the stairs, I noticed the living room door was open and the big light was on when it had been turned off.

“I noticed the PS4 was missing so I went upstairs to see if Austin had taken it up during the night but it wasn’t there either.

“Mya came down the stairs and saw that her phone was missing.

“I hadn’t even noticed that because it had been on charge there but sure enough it was gone too.

“She was totally gutted — they were all crying.

“It is totally gutting for the kids, they are all still devastated about it. It is horrible to think someone would do that. They are now feeling a bit scared when they are here, which isn’t fair.

“It is especially bad for Mya because she is at that age where her whole life is on her phone — all her friends’ contacts and everything. She was totally devastated. She only got it a few weeks ago and she loved it.

“Nowadays it is the same if someone older loses a phone — it has everything on it.”

Jan, who works in sales for JCB, said that forensics officers had carried out an examination of the property, but to no avail.

He said: “The only hope is that someone gets caught trying to sell them on.

“We have told everyone to keep an eye out.

“The police were up but they didn’t find anything.

“The door wasn’t broken either — I’m not sure how they managed to get in.

“The police said they must have only been after small things and there weren’t any prints left. They didn’t take the TV or anything like that.”

The break-in took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Police were asked to comment but hadn’t done so by the time of going to press.