KFC set to move to new premises in Dundee city centre

KFC is leaving the High Street

The relocation of a fast food chain in the city centre has been given approval by Dundee City Council.

The KFC branch will be flitting from 1A High Street to new premises in nearby Murraygate, although it is not yet known exactly when the new store will open.

The chain applied for planning permission in November.

Dundee City Council agreed to the firm converting the existing empty store at 30 Murraygate into a KFC franchise.

The vacant shop was formerly the American Candy Store, next to Deichmann Shoes.

The chain must follow restrictions such as keeping noise to a minimum and ensuring deliveries to the restauraunt will not take place between 10pm and 7am.

A spokeswoman for KFC said: “We’re happy to confirm we are planning to relocate our Dundee restaurant at 1A High Street to 30 Murraygate.”