Karen demands answers over death of mum Joyce after ‘straightforward’ operation at Ninewells

Karen Doogan holds a picture of her mum, Joyce, who died in Ninewells Hospital. The family has called for answers.

The heartbroken daughter of a former Dundee lollipop woman who died after a “straightforward” knee replacement operation is demanding answers about her mum’s death.

Joyce Wilson, of Lansdowne Place, died in Ninewells Hospital after contracting an infection.

NHS Tayside has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 77-year-old’s death.

Her daughter Karen Doogan said she had “serious concerns” about the care her mum received in the hospital, and has formally complained to health chiefs.

Karen, 47, of Foggyley Place, said: “My mum went into hospital a fit, healthy, active woman who regularly walked my dog and rode her mountain bike — three months later she was dead.

“I have formally complained to NHS Tayside and I have also been in touch with health secretary Shona Robison.”

Karen said she was invited to a meeting at the hospital on January 19.

She said: “I gave them a list of my complaints and was told I would receive minutes of the meeting.

“That was three weeks ago and I’m still waiting. I don’t believe that’s acceptable and I want answers to my questions — I haven’t been able to grieve for mum.

“She went into hospital on September 27 for a straightforward knee replacement which seemed to go well and was discharged a few days later.”

Karen said her mum ended up back in hospital on November 6 with an infection in her knee. She claimed that, at around midnight, her mum had gone to the toilet. She was medicated and disorientated and managed to walk out of the hospital with bare feet and in her nightie.

Karen said: “She was found almost an hour later by a couple in Dickson Avenue who took her to A&E. She was freezing, upset and shaken and didn’t know much of what was going on.”

Karen said that after that her mum received further surgery on November 9 to clean out the infection and that “seemed to go well”, but she added: “After that, her health went downhill. She was confused, lost a lot of weight and found it hard breathing and speaking.”

Mrs Wilson, who was a lollipop lady at St Mary’s Primary School for 12 years, died on December 4.

A spokeswoman for NHS Tayside said: “Due to patient confidentiality, we are unable to comment on matters relating to individual patients. Our clinical staff have met with the family and we remain in contact with them regarding their complaint.”