Jurassic Park sign hung on gates of Scottish golf club as it votes on female membership

Which is more outdated: the T-rex, or Muirfield golf club’s rule on female membership?

Muirfield golf club is under increasing pressure to allow female membership, and bookmakers Paddy Power attempted to sway the decision in their own unique way.

With the result of a second ballot on female membership expected next month, the betting company hung a Jurassic Park sign on the club gates in an attempt to mock the outdated principles of the club.

Funnily enough, Muirfield officials appeared to fail to see the funny side when they dino-saw it…

A Muirfield security guard tries to remove Paddy Power's cheeky Jurrassic Park sign from the club gates - (Paddy Power)
(Paddy Power)

The privately-owned course has hosted the Open 16 times, but was told by the R&A that it would not be considered to host the tournament again unless it overturned the rule on female members.

The club previously held a vote on the subject which failed to achieve the majority required to change the policy.

A general view of a Muirfield golf club sign - (Andrew Milligan/PA)
(Andrew Milligan/PA)

Paddy Power said: “The decision last May to not admit female members was about as progressive as a Donald Trump policy, and unsurprisingly it’s driven a wedge between stuffy members and the outside world.

“While Muirfield members bury their heads in the sand this time round, we thought we’d prod the beast with our Jurassic sign.”

A result is expected in mid-March, at which point hopefully the club will consign their views on female membership to the Jurassic era.