Jail for man who broke into Dundee B&Q and stole axe and crowbar

B&Q on Kings Cross Road in Dundee

A man who broke into B&Q, King’s Cross Road, Dundee, was jailed for 16 months.

Kevin Gilmartin, 33, a prisoner at Perth, admitted four charges at the city’s sheriff court.

He admitted to the B&Q break-in, on January 29 last year, during which he stole an axe and crowbar.

He further admitted breaching bail by failing to appear at court on October 24.

He also admitted that on May 25, at PS Ridgeway, Smeaton Road, he entered an unlocked vehicle and stole 12 bottles of wine, and, on the same date, at Smeaton Road, he possessed a knife.

The sheriff jailed Gilmartin for six months and four months consecutively on the first two charges and for another six months — consecutive to those sentences — on the offensive weapon charge.