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VIDEO: ‘Idiotic’ biker tries to escape after hitting woman while performing wheelies in Dundee

An “idiotic” biker who struck a female pedestrian after mounting a pavement while performing “wheelies” has been jailed.

Bradley Forsyth had only been released from jail a few days before, and had previously committed similar offences.

Bradley Forsyth at Dundee Sheriff Court.

At Dundee Sheriff Court, Forsyth, 27, admitted that he drove his bike dangerously and at excessive speeds on Clepington Road, Hilltown, Strathmartine Road and Kinghorne Road, failed to keep it under control and struck pedestrian Ruth Smith.

He also admitted mounting and driving along a pavement and driving his bike at Ms Smith, repeatedly causing a wheel to leave the ground, and weaving between traffic, causing other road users to take evasive action to prevent a collision.

Forsyth further admitted entering a one-way street in defiance of a no entry sign and riding along the road against the flow of traffic, entering a closed section of road in defiance of a road closed sign and losing control and crashing the motorcycle, all while riding without insurance.

Solicitor Amy Fox told the court Forsyth, of Polepark Road, had only been released from prison last week.

“He has previous analogous offences and bought the motorcycle from someone but could not explain why he was driving it,” she said.

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Forsyth: “This behaviour was idiotic but it was worse than that because driving dangerously means you are putting other people at risk.

“It is inexcusable and you also drove without insurance, so it would have been difficult for anyone to get any compensation for anything you did to them.”

The sheriff jailed Forsyth for four months, disqualified him from driving for 18 months and said he must resit his driving test.