Irish pop singer Sion Hill to perform in Dundee school and share bullying experiences

Irish soul/pop singer Sion Hill will be paying local schools a visit as part of a nationwide anti-bullying campaign.

Hill will appear at Blairgowrie High and Grove Academy, Dundee, on Wednesday.

As well as playing songs including his single, Beaches, from his new album, Elephant, Hill will be opening up about his personal experiences with cyberbullying and discrimination.

Speaking ahead of the tour he said: “With the evolution of social media, our attention spans have become shorter than ever.

Sion Hill

“Rarely do we do anything without needing to film or document it on our smartphones.

“Beaches is a call for revolution of the self; to step away from the online world for a moment and think about what is really important and concentrate on real relationships and read something that’s longer than a single page article.”

Performances at Blairgowrie will take place from 9am-noon and at Grove from 2.15pm.