Intoxicated blood-soaked Dundee couple smashed windows and left trail of ‘carnage’ at block of flats

Dee White
Dee White

A couple high on drink and drugs left a scene of blood-soaked “carnage” after smashing windows at a block of flats.

Dee White, 30, of Spey Drive, and Paul McKay, 28, of Lansdowne Gardens, both admitted a string of charges when they appeared before Sheriff Lorna Drummond.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told the pair had gone on the rampage in Spey Drive after consuming alcohol and drugs on March 31 last year.

Fiscal depute Gavin Burton said officers had been called in the early hours and found several smashed windows in a common close, with White and McKay “covered in blood”. Both had injuries to their arms and were heavily under the influence, he said.

“McKay said she (White) had been smashing every window with her arms,” the fiscal said, adding he said he had done the same as he “wanted to join her in hospital”.

The pair acted aggressively again at police HQ, with White repeatedly banging her head off the cell door, “causing her head to burst open”.

White’s solicitor John Boyle said she had suffered from “personality disorder” and this was her first offence for 11 years.

Lawyer Ian Myles, representing McKay, said his client had described the situation as “a scene of carnage” and had accepted his guilt and apologised.

White admitted that on March 31 at Spey Drive she smashed four windows in the common close, resisted arrest by PCs Gemma Dolan, Gavin Munro and Mark Hogg, lashed out with her legs to prevent them from restraining her; and at police HQ she behaved in an aggressive or abusive manner, struck her head off a cell door repeatedly and kicked out with her legs and acted in an aggressive manner.

McKay admitted he smashed windows, shouted and swore and acted in an aggressive manner towards police officers, resisted arrest by PC Dolan and PC Grant Ogilvie and lashed out with his legs to prevent them from restraining him. He also admitted that he threatened to kill police officers and their families, ran out of his cell, lunged at officers and lashed out at them, and assaulted PC Euan McLeod and attempted to bite him on the hand.

Sheriff Drummond deferred sentence on White until December 5 for her to be of good behaviour. She placed McKay under supervision for 12 months, ordering him to perform 190 hours of unpaid work, and told him he was required to take part in the Venture Trust Programme.