‘Insensitive’ graffiti artists paint over mural for tragic Dundee dad Lee

The Oasis-themed memorial mural to Lee Welsh has been partially painted over by a graffiti artist.

The father of a man who took his own life has said he was “disappointed” to discover a mural created in memory of his son has been partially painted over.

Phil Welsh said he found it “insensitive” that the tribute to his son, Lee, at Seabraes had been partially covered with another artwork.

Lee, 27, was found dead at his Peddie Street home in Dundee last August by his girlfriend, Leigh Gibson.

A portrait of the Oasis fan was painted in his memory on the graffiti wall in the West End between lyrics from the band’s hit Live Forever and a picture of frontman Liam Gallagher.

But some of the words to the song have now been covered by a purple and pink graffiti tag.

Phil, 48, told the Tele: “It is disappointing that Lee’s mural was painted over.

Lee Welsh’s parents, Phil Welsh and Lesley Nicoll beside the mural when it first appearead.

“However, I suspect it wasn’t done intentionally. I had hoped to include Lee’s website on the mural as a way of getting the site out there as a means of support should anyone require it.

“I think this is disappointing because of the respect the mural commanded from other graffiti artists for nearly six months.

“It’s insensitive considering the original mural was a tribute to Lee.”

Phil and his wife, Lesley, set up the website notinvainforlee.co.uk with the aim of providing a platform for people of all ages to share their experiences of mental health.

Councillor Richard McCready said: “It is such a shame that this has happened.

“I would hope that the memorial can be restored as a tribute to Lee and that this will give some comfort to his friends and family.”

Last week, Phil revealed the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman had agreed to look into the family’s complaint against Coldside Medical Practice, in Strathmartine Road, under whose care Lee hand been prior to his death.