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Incidents see Tay Road Bridge shut 50 times in 12 months

The Tay Road Bridge closed 50 times in the past 12 months for police incidents – the highest number in the last six years.

Newly released figures found that the structure was shut for a total of 1,479 minutes between September last year and last month – more than double the previous year.

A lifeboat under the road bridge (stock image)

In that time, the road closed for nearly six hours for one single incident while officers dealt with someone in distress.

The statistics emerged after calls were made for improved safety measures to be installed on the crossing, following several attempts by people to take their lives.

Bridge bosses released a statement last month detailing the reasons they hadn’t introduced barriers or nets at the bridge.

They also said putting a cage over the walkway to prevent people accessing the road would compromise safety and wouldn’t act as a deterrent for people walking on to the road.