IN FULL: Terrified Dundee woman ‘saw naked guy covered in blood waving weapon. It looked like an axe’

Terrified residents watched in horror as a naked, blood-soaked man seen holding an axe was wrestled to the ground by police.

A huge police police presence descended on Douglas on Saturday night following reports of two naked men in Balunie Avenue, one who appeared to be badly injured.

Police attend an incident at Balunie

Several people said the man had earlier been seen holding a weapon similar to an axe, before being tackled by officers.

One young woman said: “I saw the whole thing from my window. It was unbelievable and terrifying.

“I saw one naked guy completely covered in blood and he was waving a weapon around.

“It looked something like an axe.

“Dozens of police arrived and ambulances and officers struggled to restrain the guy.

“The guy was pouring blood from several wounds. He was eventually taken away in an ambulance.”

Another witness said: “There were these two guys running around the avenue naked.

“One looked like he had some kind of weapon. There was blood everywhere. It was really very frightening.”

Another woman said: “The whole area ground to a standstill. There were people out watching and the avenue was filled with emergency vehicles.

“The police managed to get one of the guys just at the corner of Balunie Avenue and Balmullo Place.

“The whole thing lasted an hour and was really scary to witness.”

Another resident said: “The whole thing was like something you’d see on the TV.

“It was difficult to believe that it was happening outside my own front door early on a Saturday evening.”

A police spokesman said no one had been arrested in connection with the incident and so far they had not received any reports of a weapon being involved.

“Police officers attended at Balunie Avenue at 7.45pm on Saturday after concern for a man,” she said.

“He was taken to hospital for treatment.”

VIDEO: Terror as blood-soaked axe-wielding naked man wrestled to ground by police on Dundee street