Dundee mum accidentally locks her baby in car after abuse from ‘bully’ bus driver

© SuppliedGail accidentally ended up locking her baby in the car after being bullied by a bus driver.
Gail accidentally ended up locking her baby in the car after being bullied by a bus driver.

A young Dundee mum was so traumatised by abuse from a “bullying” bus driver she ended up accidentally locking her baby girl in her car.

Gail Bruff, 35, said the terrifying incident unfolded as she dropped her four-year-old son Cody off at St Andrews Nursery on St Leonard Place.

She had been trying to get daughter Stevie into the car when the “irate” driver of a bus owned by tour company Fishers started sounding his horn and harrassing her on the narrow street.

Gail said she became so flustered by the situation that she closed the car door before realising in horror she had left her keys inside.

Unable to get back into her car, she had to leave little Stevie under the supervision of a family member while a Good Samaritan drove her home to pick up her spare keys.

Gail later went to the Fishers Tours office to lodge a complaint, where she claims she was subjected to more abuse by the same bus driver, who called her a “******* idiot”.

She has since reported the driver to the police who confirmed they are making inquiries into her complaint.

She is also trying to trace the “saviour” who came to her assistance.

Gail said: “I was returning to the car and strapping Stevie in when the driver of a Fishers bus started tooting his horn at me.

“He was obviously annoyed that my door was open into the road.

“I turned to try to explain to him that I would only be a second but he just kept on tooting his horn.

“I ended up panicking and shut the car door.

“It was then I realised the doors were all locked and my car keys and mobile phone were in the car.

“I was horrified. I didn’t know what to do next.

“Stevie was locked in the car in her pyjamas and I couldn’t get in to her.

“I was terrified to think what might happen.”

Gail added: “Fortunately a family member was also at the nursery and she stood beside the car while a man who had witnessed the whole thing drove me home for my spare keys.

“I am so grateful to him. I don’t even know who he was.

“I complained to the bus company about the driver and was given a mouthful of abuse.

“The man I spoke to was the actual bus driver. He shouted and swore at me.”

Fishers Tours declined to comment when contacted by the Tele.