Here’s why cameras have been installed at busy Dundee car park

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The mystery of a set of cameras which appeared at Gallagher Retail Park has been solved.

The cameras, operated by the firm Streetwise, appeared at the entrance and exit to the retail park on East Dock Street within the last week.

Motorists had initially feared the cameras were designed to read number plates — but Transport Scotland asked for the cameras to be installed and has cleared up the mystery.

One of the new cameras

A spokesman for the authority said the devices were measuring traffic flow in and out of the car park, as part of the survey being carried out ahead of the creation of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the city.

He said: “The information collected from these surveys will be used to help . . . inform local transport planning and assist with the development of the city’s Low Emission Zone.”

The government has committed to introducing LEZs, which will ban older polluting vehicles from built-up city centres in Scotland’s four largest cities between now and 2020.