Heartbreak as Keith, 34, dies waiting for kidney transplant

Keith Docherty, who has died at the age of 34 after contracting a bacterial infection in his heart.

A devastated dad has paid tribute to the son “everyone loved”, who has died at the age of 34.

Keith Docherty, who was waiting for a kidney transplant, spent the last five weeks of his life in hospital after a bacterial infection was discovered in his heart.

He died on Sunday September 17.

Keith had been diagnosed with pancreatitis in 2014 and his kidney function began to severely diminish.

He had previously spoken to the Evening Telegraph about his wait for a kidney donor.

Speaking from his home in Cupar, Keith’s dad Brian, 64, said his son’s health deteriorated year after year as he waited on a kidney transplant.

Keith at his work

Brian said Keith tried to led a normal life despite his diminished health as he called on more people to donate organs.

He said: “Keith was a very quiet respectful guy — everyone loved him.

“Although the infection was the primary cause of his death, his health was deteriorating year on year.

“Keith tried to remain as positive as he could.

“He had been taught how to do his own dialysis at home.

“This meant he didn’t need to go for treatment three times a week at Ninewells Hospital.”

In 2015, Keith, from Perth, told the Evening Telegraph that a transplant would be the only option to allow him a full recovery and give him his freedom back.

He had said: “It would mean the world to me.

“I can’t even explain the difference it would make to my life. It would be huge.

“It would give me my freedom back and allow me to live a normal life again.”

Brian said his son had continued working at the William Wilson Bathroom Showroom in Perth and had a great many friends.

He said: “Keith did struggle at work with his health but he kept his wicked sense of humour.

“He had a great many friends and taught himself to play guitar.

“Keith had a great passion for live music and still went to concerts.

“He was also a great comic enthusiast.”

Keith’s health deteriorated in August and he was admitted to hospital. Brian added: “He went into Ninewells more than five weeks ago with a bacterial infection, which was lodged in his heart.

“Keith spent time on ward 22 in the renal ward, as well as the cardiac care unit.

“The family are grateful for the care that he received throughout his illness.

“Keith was waiting on that call for a transplant which could have turned his life around.

“I want not only to pay tribute to my son but also highlight the importance of organ donation.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of donating organs to give someone another chance to live their life to the full. Although the primary cause of his death was the infection in his heart the issues with Keith’s kidney function had compromised his health.”

The former Bell Baxter High School pupil is survived by Brian, his mother Christine, brothers Paul and Ally and his sister Vikki.

Keith’s funeral will be held at Dunfermline Crematorium on Friday at 11.30am.