Grower explains why green pumpkins are just as good as traditional orange ones

Cairnie Fruit Farm assistant Silvia Moldovan with one of the green pumpkins.

Pumpkins have been given a unique twist this year at a local farm.

Cairnie Fruit Farm in Cupar has produced more than 2,500 pumpkins just in time for this year’s Halloween celebrations.

However, even though it has not been great weather for growing the veg, the farm is not just supplying run-of-the mill orange pumpkins.

A selection of pumpkins on show at the fruit farm

It is also offering what they call “ghastly green” and “ghostly white” varieties.

John Laird, who’s family has owned Cairnie Fruit Farm since 1969, told the Tele: “Unfortunately this year has not been great for growing our pumpkins.

“We had planned to grow around 3,000 which would have been our biggest harvest, but the weather killed some of the seeds.

“In May, we had a light frost which is when a lot of the seeds died.”

Despite the early setback the farm still managed to produce many different varieties of pumpkins — and some of the biggest examples they have ever seen. John said: “We have several different varieties on offer this year.

Cupar kids Struan, 10, and Murray, 8, Robertson with Chrissy Adamson, 9.

“Racer pumpkins are the standard Halloween variety that you find every year.

“We also have mammoth, cargo, early king and champion varieties which are all much larger than the standard racer.

“Our biggest pumpkin this year is 25 kilos which, although it is not record-breaking, is bigger than we have had before.

“It is around the size of five footballs joined together.”

The quirky ghastly green pumpkins are also a product of the less than pleasant summer this year.

John said: “The green pumpkins are actually just normal pumpkins but their skin hasn’t quite ripened up due to the lack of sunlight.

“The pumpkins are still big and still mature, they just have not had enough sunlight this summer to go orange.

“The even cooler part of these pumpkins though is the fact that when you go home and carve into them the interior is orange.

“It gives a really quirky effect.

“If you buy one of these pumpkins you can also put them in a sunny spot in your house and the colour will change before your eyes with the pumpkin becoming more orange each day.

“The ghostly whites are also quirky with their whole skin pure white.”