Grateful mum’s pledge to ‘repay’ blood bank that helped their daughters

Faye Shilcock and her daughter, Summer-Rose

Two mothers have launched a bid to donate all the blood their daughters, who are living with leukaemia, have had in transfusions.

Charlene Abbott, 30, from Inchture, and Faye Shilcock’s daughters are both currently battling leukaemia, which requires them to receive blood transfusions as part of their treatment.

Faye’s eight-year-old Summer-Rose has had 17 transfusions and Charlene’s daughter Brooke, aged four, has had a total of four.

Both are currently in the maintenance phase of their treatment cycles, meaning they receive oral chemotherapy on a daily basis at home and a larger dose once a month at hospital.

The pair’s mums have now pledged to donate the same amount of blood that their daughters have had through transfusions.

They had originally met and become friends at the hospital while their daughters were receiving treatment.

They then decided to launch the bid in the hope of raising awareness on the importance of donating blood, saying their daughters could be dead if it wasn’t for people donating.

Charlene explained: “I took her to A&E on a Sunday afternoon and within a few hours I was told it was leukaemia — my heart was shattered.

“I had no idea how important donations are until Brooke was diagnosed.

“That’s why I think it is important to raise awareness — if you give blood then you are saving lives.”

Faye, 32, from Charleston, added: “When they get a transfusion, you see the colour coming back to them and their energy coming back.”

Blood has a very short shelf life and can’t be stockpiled, so every day people around the country depend on donors to help maintain blood stock.

Charlene and Faye also want to raise awareness of the importance of people donating platelets, the cells that allow blood to clot.

Faye added: “I can say for certain that if it was not for people donating platelets then my daughter would not be here.”

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