Go-ahead given to green burial ground for biodegradable coffins near Dundee

The burial ground site.

The first green burial ground in Angus is to be created on farmland near the border with Dundee.

Councillors unanimously approved an application for the Cairnbrae Natural Burial Ground, in a field opposite Kellas Wood.

Only about 20 burials a year will take place, involving biodegradable coffins, and no headstones or other mementos will be allowed on the half-hectare site.

Instead, families will be encouraged to plant trees or place small boulders to remember their loved ones.

Part of the site will also be set aside for the scattering of ashes.

In time, it is hoped the area could accommodate almost 500 plots.

Angus Council planning officials said they believed the proposal, lodged by the Kettles family, who have farmed the land for generations, would enhance the local landscape.

More than 100 letters of support for the plan were submitted. However, concerns were also raised about issues including flooding, water contamination and a fear that animals might dig down into the 1.3-metre deep lairs.

Council officials said they were satisfied with planned car parking and access arrangements for the site.