Gas leak forces evacuation of 176 people from North Sea near Scotland

The Brent Charlie platform
The Brent Charlie platform

A North Sea oil platform has been shut down following a gas leak.

The gas detection alarm sounded on Friday morning on Shell’s Brent Charlie platform, 115 miles north-east of Shetland.

Shell said all 176 people on board have been accounted for and a total of 31 non-essential workers are being evacuated from the platform as a precaution.

A Shell spokeswoman said: “Following a gas detection alarm, production was shut down and the platform called to muster.

“The source of the leak has been safely detected and isolated and a full investigation into the cause will be completed.

“All 176 personnel on board have been accounted for and a precautionary partial downman of 31 non-essential personnel is under way.

“Relevant authorities have been informed.”

The spokeswoman said the leak was discovered on the platform above sea level and there was no impact on the marine environment.

She added: “Shell’s focus remains to ensure the safety of the people on board the asset and the safe resolution of this incident.”