FREEZE THE FEES: Ninewells parking firm worker threatens to BIN Tele’s petition signed by 2,100+

As a Dundee newspaper, it’s not often that what’s going on 450 miles away makes the headlines in the Tele.

But it was a decision made in the meeting rooms of Oak House, a shared office block in the English town of Watford, that sparked our campaign to Freeze the Fees.

Having really struck a chord with locals, it was only fair that we made their views known to Indigo Infra Dundee Ltd – part of a larger firm that runs parking operations across various sites.

Tele reporter James Simpson at Indigo HQ in Watford

I was tasked with heading to the company’s headquarters to hand over, in person, the names of every person that chose to sign our petition, along with a letter from our editor explaining our campaign.

It was an unannounced visit, but we were there to make sure Indigo knew exactly what our message was – and the eye-catching T-shirt certainly helped get staff members’ attention as soon as I walked through the revolving doors.

But although appearing to have some knowledge of the Ninewells situation, the employee we faced couldn’t have been more unhelpful.

She said she had an issue with us taking photographs outside the office, though we maintained we had a right to do so.

She then refused our requests to speak to someone from the company – even for just five minutes – about the matter at hand.

She accepted my envelope with the petition and letter inside, and I left. I returned a short time later to leave a business card – just in case someone from Indigo wanted to get in touch.

But I was astonished to see the same staff member motioning to a colleague that the petition was going to end up in the bin – dangling the paperwork above the waste bucket.

It may not have been the reaction we wanted – and it certainly wasn’t the reaction we expected from a firm that works so closely with a public body – but I’m proud to have stood up for the many readers who backed us.

It remains to be seen if Indigo will respond to us formally.