Four men accused of being bogus workmen in Dundee

Four men allegedly pretended to be workmen to four elderly Dundee women.

Hugh McPhee Snr, 52, William McPhee, 32, Paul McDonagh, 28, and Hugh McPhee Jnr, 18, will stand trial at Dundee Sheriff Court.

The men, all of Thorntonwood Travelling Persons Site, Thornton Wood, Kelty, Fife, allegedly targeted the vulnerable women.

They allegedly pretended to be tradesmen and pretended that there was an infestation of woodworm or rot within the attic timbers of all of the women’s Dundee homes.

The charges state that the men knew there was no infestation. It is alleged that using this scheme they managed to get £200 cash from their first 86-year-old victim, on February 10, as a deposit for the work which they claimed would cost £1,000.

Later that same day the men allegedly attempted to dupe three more Dundee women with the same scheme, by telling a second 86-year-old woman the work would cost her £1,500, a woman, 94, that the same work would cost her £1,000 and an 84-year-old woman that the same work would cost her £500.

All four deny four separate charges against them and return to court on August 15.