Five in court charged with imprisoning and sexually assaulting woman in Dundee multi

Pitalpin Court
Pitalpin Court

Five people have appeared in court charged with abducting a woman in a Dundee multi.

The five people are alleged to have imprisoned her in the multi and sexually assaulted her in an attempt to find drugs they thought she was concealing on her body.

All appeared in private before Sheriff Lorna Drummond on a petition alleging the offence, which prosecutors say took place at Pitalpin Court, on February 12.

Mark Harrison, 40, of Pitalpin Court, was remanded in custody by the sheriff, while Victoria McDade, 45, Leon Campbell, 18, and 39-year-old Brian Cooney, all of Lansdowne Court, and Claire Meek, 36, of St Mungo Terrace, were granted bail.

They are alleged to have abducted the woman, shouted at her, accused her of stealing, threatened her with violence, told her she was “going nowhere” and prevented her from leaving the premises.

They also allegedly detained her against her will, assaulted her, pulled her hair, punched her on the face grabbed her by the throat, pulled her by the clothing into the bathroom, pulled down her clothing and searched her for what they believed were concealed drugs.

None of the five made any plea. The case was continued for further examination.