Fish-loving swan made famous by Aussie soap superstar joins pal in stalking Dundee chippie

A popular takeaway restaurant has attracted some unlikely regular customers — a pair of fish supper-loving swans.

Murray’s fish and chip shop in Broughty Ferry is well-known for attracting long queues of diners outside the premises in Gray Street.

But in recent months they have been joined by two long-necked patrons, who set up camp in front of the shop.

The birds have become a regular feature outside Murray’s — to the delight of many customers and the bewilderment of the shop owners.

Murray’s owner Anna Angus, who has run the business with her husband Murray for 20 years, said: “I don’t know how it started.

“We never have any mess outside the front of the shop and we don’t encourage customers to feed them.

“I’ve had customers coming in asking for some fish to feed them but I always say no. I don’t think you’re supposed to feed fish to swans.

“Most people think it’s funny but other people aren’t so sure. You hear that swans can be aggressive but these ones have never attacked anyone.”

At first the birds turned up as a pair but in recent weeks one of the swans has arrived on its own.

Anna added: “For some reason they usually turn up when it’s a bit colder. Late last year there used to be two coming but now it’s always the same one.”

Lewis Stewart, restaurant manager at nearby Sol y Sombra Tapas Bar, said: “Sometimes when I’ve closed up after midnight they’ve been sleeping on the pavements instead of the beach.

“A lot of people get quite close to them as they seem very docile — I think they’ve caused a few traffic jams as well when they sit in the middle of the road.

“I hear a lot of customers talking about them when they come in so they have become a discussion point.”

The road-blocking swan’s fame peaked last month when pop star and former Neighbours actress Natalie Imbruglia posted a picture on Instagram of the bird sitting in the middle of Beach Crescent.

Natalie Imbruglia

Experts suggest feeding swans fresh bread and to throw it into the water rather than encouraging the birds on to land and bringing them into potential harm from cars and animals.