Ray McKinnon: Final Dundee United performance was ‘worst in my time’

Ray McKinnon on the sidelines in what would be his last game as Dundee United manager.

In what would be his last post-match press conference as Tannadice manager, Ray McKinnon took responsibility for the “worst Dundee United performance” in his tenure.

Following the 2-0 home defeat to Inverness, Ray was told by the board his time at the club is over.

When asked if he expected to still be in the job for Dumbarton next Saturday, Ray said: “I’d like to think so but that’s somebody else’s decision.”

Talking about the poor display from his side, he added: “I’m very, very, very disappointed and frustrated because we’re so much better than that.

“Before we lose the goal we have a couple of chances and then we shoot ourselves in the foot.

“When we did that I didn’t then see the reaction I wanted from my players.

“I’m extremely disappointed.

“I understand the supporters’ frustration — I’m as frustrated as them.

“We all want the same thing and they were right to boo — that was the worst Dundee United performance in my tenure at the club.

“It would unfair of me to single anything out but we’re all in this together.

“I take responsibility for that performance as much as the players. We’re not hiding from it.”