Figures reveal Dundee has second highest level of child poverty in Scotland

Stewart Hunter
Stewart Hunter

Shock figures have revealed Dundee has the second highest level of child poverty in Scotland.

A report by researchers at the University of Loughborough for End Child Poverty found 31% of children in Dundee are living in poverty, with a total of 9,824 youngsters in families struggling to make ends meet.

Now Dundee City Council is demanding an end to the suffering of thousands of children in the area with a two-fold attack on the issue.

Councillor Stewart Hunter, the council’s children and family services convener, said he was passionate about tackling the issue.

He added: “We need to use the powers we have to make a difference rather than mitigating policies from elsewhere and do what we need to do in the city.

“We should not have foodbanks in this day and age because we are a rich country and we should not have anyone in poverty.

“But we do and it is down to a benefits system which is not helping and the serious job losses we have suffered over the last decade or so.

“But hopefully now with our investment in the city we are starting to turn the corner and there are a lot of things we are doing from the education department point of view.

“For instance, we recognise there are a lot of unknown costs in going to school from meals and uniforms to activities.

“We have to tackle the issue of children turning up to school hungry because their parents cannot afford breakfasts or their lives are chaotic.

“We make sure that, with the help of head teachers, we can identify children in need of breakfast and ensure that they are fed before going into class. We also provide free meals which is fantastic and now provide them during school holidays and meet the cost of activities.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Fraser Macpherson said the Scottish Government should provide more resources.