Fife police warn youngsters against underage drinking and violence on final day of term

Police will be upping patrols in Fife today (stock image).
Police will be upping patrols in Fife today (stock image).

Fife youngsters have been warned police will be patrolling the region for underage drinking, violence and other anti-social behaviour today, as schools break up for the holidays.

Officers in Fife have put out a statement asking young people across the Kingdom to act in a responsible manner on the last day of term.

There will be increased patrols in the Aberdour Beach area following recent incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Apsokesman said: “Any form of anti-social behaviour, underage drinking, violence and any other incidents which cause fear and alarm to the general public, will not be tolerated.

“Parents are asked to remind their children of our expectations and encourage responsible behaviour.”

Anyone with concerns of antisocial behaviour in their area can report this to officers on 101.