Fife flasher told police: ‘If you saw the size of my knob, you would wave it about too’

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court
Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court

A man who exposed himself to his neighbours during a bizarre row outside one of their houses told police: “If you see the size of my knob you would be waving it about.”

George Smith got into an argument with a neighbour in Markinch, Fife, as the local resident was working on his car.

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard the row escalated and Smith spat on the man at least three times before the victim fell to the floor.

As he lay there Smith “attempted to rub his body” against the prone victim.

Following the bizarre incident Smith started to walk away – but then suddenly pulled his trousers down to his knees.

Fiscal depute Catherine Fraser told the court: “He took hold of his genitals and started waving them about.”

Police had been called and arrived moments later. The accused then made off towards a local bowling green, with police giving chase.

Miss Fraser added: “They got hold of him and he began struggling and attempting to make off, refusing to be handcuffed and challenging officers to fight.

“When he was charged with the offences he said he had no recollection of that.

“He then added: ‘If you see the size of my knob you would be waving it about.’

“Officers noted he was clearly under the influence of alcohol.”

Smith, 26, of Hill Terrace, Markinch, Fife, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to charges of assault, breach of the peace and resisting arrest committed on December 8 last year.

Sheriff Grant McCulloch deferred sentence until May 9 for social work background reports.

He said: “I will defer consideration of whether [sex offender] notification requirements are necessary to determine if this breach of the peace has a significant sexual element or just a drunken element.”