Fewer than 40 fines issued despite almost 1,000 complaints about dog poo in Dundee

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Despite Dundee City Council receiving nearly 1,000 complaints of dog fouling, fewer than 40 penalties were handed out by the local authority.

New figures provided to the Tele show that between November 21 last year and November 20 this year, 908 complaints were registered with the council.

However, just 37 fines were handed out during the same period.

The new statistics emerged after concerns were raised by residents at a recent meeting of West End Community Council.

Pedestrians claimed there had been an increase in dog fouling at Windsor Street.

A number of street users claimed their eyes were constantly scanning the ground to avoid dog mess.

Peddie Street resident and wheelchair user Jim McKaig, 50, said his street had turned into a “makeshift chicane” and he had been forced on to the road to avoid the dog mess.

Resident Jim McKaig said Peddie Street turned into a “makeshift chicane”.

Dundee City Council has urged people to continue to report dog fouling matters to animal control.

A spokesman for the city council said: “More than 1,300 dog waste bins are located across the city.

“There is no excuse for leaving dog mess on the streets, parks and beaches.

“The council currently issues around four million free dog waste bags a year, which are available from local authority offices, as well as many other outlets throughout the city.

“A number of initiatives have been recently launched to help tackle the problem, including the Green Dog Walkers Scheme.

“This initiative asks volunteers to sign a pledge promising to clean up after their pet and to give out spare waste bags to those without — along with a friendly reminder to others to clean up.

“Anyone with information on dog fouling is asked to phone 01382 436285 or email animal.control@dundeecity.gov.uk.”