Fears for kids walking to school as Dundee footpath lost in building site works

Sidlaw View Primary school
Sidlaw View Primary school

The loss of a footpath at the northern end of Old Glamis Road has angered local residents.

The temporary closure of the footpath came into force on August 13 for housing development works.

Residents have now been told the arrangement will likely be in place for five to six months.

Michelle Mckenzie, 42, said: “I didn’t even know they were shutting the path. We didn’t get told anything about it.

“The sign said it would only be closed for three weeks.

“It is completely unusable at the moment so it is affecting the kids going to Sidlaw View Primary School.

“It still has the traffic coming one way but nothing is in place for the kids walking. I think it is dangerous.”

She added: “It is definitely making the walk to school more complicated.

“A few of the kids are having to take a car to school with their dad. Even if somebody has a buggy, there is no way they can walk on that.”

Councillor Stewart Hunter said: “The effect of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is to prohibit temporarily all pedestrian traffic on the west footway of Old Glamis Road from its junction with Balgowan Avenue for a distance of 330 yards in a northerly direction.

“Once the works are complete, including new driveways, the new footway will be available for public use.”