Fears for Alsatian dog spotted on railway line near Perth

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There are fears for an Alsation dog spotted on a railway line near Perth.

A post on Facebook page Dog Friendly Perthshire says the dog was spotted on the line near Whitemoss Road, close to Dunning, between Perth and Auchterarder.

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It said: “I am on Whitemoss Road, off the A9 heading to dunning.

“Have just seen an Alsatian type dog, more grey and black though, head onto the railway line.

“My daughter jumped out the car and tried to entice it back and I have headed to two neighbouring farms to see if it’s theirs. Sadly not.

“My daughter has gone into an adjoining field and I can no longer see her. Also a train has just passed.

“Will need to wait on my daughter coming back with news. But hopefully the dog is safe.”

In 18 minutes the post has been shared 22 times.