Family of missing Allan Bryant claim they’ve been failed by police team

The family of a missing Glenrothes man claim they have been failed by police leading the search for their son.

Allan Bryant Sr has launched a petition calling on justice secretary Michael Matheson to elect a team within Police Scotland to take over the inquiry into the disappearance of his son, Allan Jr.

With more than 1,700 signatories to his campaign within hours of posting his petition online, Mr Bryant said that he regretted the need to take what he felt was necessary action.

He said: “We want a new force to take over Allan Jr’s case. I’m really hoping to get some success with this petition. It has taken so long and I have not done this lightly. We’ve been trying to get anywhere with the major investigation team for the past four years and I just feel they have failed Allan and my family miserably.”

Allan Jr was 23 when he disappeared after a night out with friends on November 3 2013.

High-profile appeals have been made by both his family and the police, while searches have been conducted throughout the town and across Fife. However, there remains no trace of Allan Jr, who would now be 27, with his father having stated on several occasions his belief that his son is dead.

Police have previously stated that the hunt for Mr Bryant has been the most extensive in Fife police history. A spokesman said: “We continue to appeal for anyone who has information about Allan’s disappearance to contact us. We remain in regular contact with Allan’s family, updating them on our work as it progresses.”