Family in shock after Dundee grandad Ryan, 37, dies two days after arriving in China

Ryan Hamilton  with Ryan John Hamilton, his grandson
Ryan Hamilton with Ryan John Hamilton, his grandson

The family of a Dundee man found dead in China have paid tribute to him as they desperately seek answers about what happened to him.

Ryan Hamilton with Ryan John Hamilton, his grandson
Pictured from left, Josh Hamilton, 16, Ryan Hamilton snr and Ryan Hamilton jnr, 19

Ryan Hamilton, 37, died just two days after arriving in the country.

The father-of-two and grandfather-of-one, who grew up in St Mary’s, was due to start his dream job teaching English.

His son Josh, 16, said the family were “devastated”.

He said: “His first day at his new job should have been Monday, the day after he died.

“We’re all shocked and terribly upset.

“Dad was full of big ideas and always followed them through.

“I’m so glad he got to meet my nephew and his grandson Ryan John Hamilton, who is seven months old.

“It’s just so sad he won’t see him grow up.

“The worst thing has been waiting to get him home, to find out what happened and arranging his funeral.”

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Ryan’s ex-wife Claire, who is the mum of Josh and Ryan’s other son, also Ryan, 19, said: “He travelled to China from Thailand. He was hospitalised in Thailand for a few days before that but was better and really excited to be going.

“On Sunday he was going to be meeting up with his brother Paul. He had phoned Paul and asked him to hurry up as he wasn’t feeling well.

“By the time Paul got there, there was already an ambulance.

“He was taken to hospital and eventually they had to turn off his life support machine. There was nothing they could do.

“Ryan’s niece messaged me, telling me to call Ryan’s dad, saying it was important.

“That was around 11.30am on Sunday. His dad Joe confirmed that Ryan had died.”

Claire then had the task of telling the family, including Ryan’s mum Gina.

Friends have raised money to fly Ryan’s body home but Claire said that as yet they had no indication when that would be.

Family friend Ally Gray has also set up a crowdfunding page to raise £6,000 to help cover the cost of Ryan’s funeral.

To donate, visit

There is also a fundraiser this Friday, September 14 at The Taxi Club in Rosebank Street, Dundee at 7.30pm.