Family ‘so grateful’ to quick-thinking Ninewells staff after Harry rushed to hospital with ‘exploded’ appendix

The family of an eight-year-old boy have thanked surgeons at Ninewells Hospital for saving his life after his appendix “exploded”.

Harry McDonald was taken to his GP in Perth with what were thought to be flu symptoms.

But it quickly transpired the youngster’s appendix was so badly burst that it had disintegrated.

Mum Debbie and dad Martin realised something was badly wrong when Harry lost weight, became lethargic and started vomiting.

Harry has been leff with a scar.

Debbie said: “We had made an appointment for Harry with our GP at the Drumhar Mauve Practice in Perth, and she was not happy at how Harry was looking so it was off to Ninewells.

“A decision was taken to perform investigative surgery.

“Harry was in surgery for more than three hours.

“The surgeon explained he had opted to perform keyhole surgery but had to abandon that plan and go in deeper as Harry’s appendix had disintegrated.

“Thankfully, there was no blood poisoning. Had there been he could have died.

“It was an extremely worrying time and the medics at Ninewells were fantastic. We owe a debt to them and to Dr Lindsey Compson at Drumhar.”

Harry McDonald is recovering at home with his mum Debbie.

Debbie added: “I stayed over with Harry and had great support from other mums who were also staying over.

“Harry is back home and he’s desperate to get back to playing football. And he will, thanks to those wonderful medics.”

Harry was cared for in Ninewells’ Ward 29.

Catherine Borland, senior charge nurse for Ward 29, said: “Everyone here works hard to ensure all families receive the best available care and support.

“It is always nice to hear such nice comments about our care.”