Ex-soldier from Dundee the victim of two-on-one city centre attack

The incident happened in West Marketgait (stock photo)

A former soldier from Dundee has described the moment he stepped out of a taxi and was the victim of a two-on-one attack.

Phillip Kane was knocked to the ground and punched and kicked in the head by David Bell.

Phillip, 35, has told the Tele that the incident happened after Bell, 34, of Clayholes Farm, Carnoustie, and an accomplice, tried to force him and his friend out of their taxi.

He said that he “could have ended up in hospital” if it had not been for his military background.

He said: “It’s not what I would have expected to happen when I was having a quiet night.

“I am glad I have an ex-military background and have also worked in private security in Iraq.

“I know how to handle situations like that. It was two against one so I didn’t have much of a chance.

“My nose was quite badly injured and I was covered in blood. I could have ended up in hospital.

“It isn’t something I was looking for but I would never let someone try to take a liberty with me like that.

“I am the kind of person who stands up for myself.

“He and his mate were trying to throw their weight about and force us to get out of our taxi so that they could use it.”

Bell was fined £550 at Dundee Sheriff Court for carrying out the assault.

He admitted that, while acting with another, he assaulted Phillip by repeatedly pushing him on the body and repeatedly knocking him to the ground.

He also admitted repeatedly punching him on the head and body and repeatedly kicking him on the head, to his injury.

The incident took place at West Marketgait on February 27 2015.

Bell also admitted failing to appear at Dundee Sheriff Court on February 28 2015.

Phillip, who lives in the city centre, said he thought the fine was “ridiculous”, but added he did not believe a jail sentence would have been appropriate.

He said: “I hope he has learned that you can’t go about acting that way. I hope he has learned his lesson.

“I am not sure that prison would have made a difference.

“Two against one is never a fair fight but I am lucky I can stand up for myself.”