VIDEO: Ex-Dundee cop who appeared in EastEnders on Christmas Day to star in shows about previous career

A former Dundee police officer who recently had a cameo in EastEnders said he was working on two new projects about his previous career.

Adam McNamara, 40, who previously patrolled the streets of Kirkton, St Mary’s and Fintry, hasn’t looked back since leaving the force in 2007 to pursue a new beat as an actor.

The former St John’s Academy pupil recently made his 12th visit to Albert Square as PC Evans during the show’s primetime Christmas Day episode.

Starring alongside Danny Dyer, Adam visited the famous Queen Victoria pub after reports of a disturbance.

Although miles away from his previous time on patrol in the city, he said it was great to play the “tongue-in-cheek” copper on the Square.

He said: “I reckon it’s the 12th time I’ve appeared on the show. I was shooting the scene with Danny and that was part of three scenes within that particular part of the show — it took a few hours to film.

“I grew up watching EastEnders as a kid and it is really like an extension of your living room.

“We filmed those scenes in November and I’d nearly forgotten they were scheduled to be aired on Christmas Day but it was great to be back on the Square again.

“Every time I’ve been on the set I couldn’t speak highly enough of the cast. I’ve got a big respect for soap actors, these guys are working really hard and are working on multiple scripts.

“Shortly after shooting that scene with me, Danny was away working on another scene.”

Adam McNamara

Adam, who was accepted into the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama at the age of 30, now has big plans for 2018.

Previously starring in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, he has two TV shows in the planning about his previous time as a police officer.

He said: “2018 is looking like another promising year.

“I mentioned previously that I had the project The Job, which I’m working on, and I’m going to be pushing that to producers this year — it would still be my intention to film that in Dundee.

“I said previously Dundee is a beautiful city that many of us probably take for granted. It would be a great location to film The Job.

“We made a standalone episode before and I know cops felt it was one of the most realistic in portraying the way officers speak.

“The second project has a working title, called The First.

“It would explore the first police force set up in Glasgow, which was 24 years before the London Metropolitan Police was established.

“With both these projects I’m working on presentations at the moment to put forward to producers.”