‘Everyone should be treated the same’ – Dundee boy Kayden has a gift for giving

© DC ThomsonKayden Smith.
Kayden Smith.

A Dundee primary school pupil has delved into his own pocket to prove he really does know the true meaning of Christmas.

Nine-year-old Kayden Smith, from St Mary’s, who is a pupil at St Fergus RC Primary, has given up his own pocket money to buy food for people who are less well-off.

He saved up £5 a week and spent £20 at the supermarket to help others during the festive period.

Kayden said: “Every week for four weeks I went shopping with my grandma and bought food for other people who might be hungry. I decided that I should do this because I know that some people can’t afford to buy food and don’t have very much of their own.

© DC Thomson
Kayden Smith.

“I don’t like people having to feel like that so I thought I could use my pocket money to help them because I get plenty to eat.

“I believe everyone should be treated the same and I thought this was the best way I could do something to help others less well-off then I am.”

Kayden went to the length of working out meal plans and decided to buy food that would cover breakfast, lunch and tea.

“I bought things like porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and tins of spaghetti bolognese and chicken curry for tea,” he said. “I got the curry because it’s my favourite and my mum makes the best chicken curry.”

Asda in Kirkton.

After he bought his groceries, Kayden would go to the food trolley in Asda Kirkton, where donations are collected and passed on to those who need them.

He said: “I’m really happy to have been able to do it and I would do again another time.”

Kayden’s gran Denise Smith, 51, said: “We are very proud of Kayden.

“He thought this up all by himself and told me what he wanted to do and asked me if I would help him. Every week, when I went round the supermarket with my trolley, Kayden would come along with his own trolley and select what he wanted to put in it.

“He had carefully thought out meals and bought food for different times of the day. If one week he had money left over he saved it up for the next week so he had a little bit more to spend.”

Denise said it wasn’t unusual for Kayden to want to help other people.

She said: “If we go down the street and he sees someone sitting on the pavement he will often go up to them and give them some of his money.

“That’s just how he is, and we are very proud of him. He’s told me he would like to do it again.”