Electrical items ‘that could cause electric shock’ seized from Dundee sellers

Illicit items seized in Dundee bagged up and ready to be destroyed

Thousands of illicit items seized from sellers in Dundee — including counterfeit tobacco — have been destroyed by Trading Standards.

The haul included unsafe toys and dangerous electrical items.

The electrical items could have caused a fire or given anyone using them an electric shock.

Among the items destroyed were more than 600 potentially dangerous phone/tablet chargers which were seized by Trading Standards officers back in June.

The devices were imported from China by a city firm.

Trading Standards officers acted following a tip-off from colleagues in Suffolk and destroyed the dangerous devices. Counterfeit tobacco was also among the items destroyed.

Officers from Trading Standards have warned that buying tobacco from an illegal source carries a number of risks.

As the products are not subject to quality control, in the past they have been found to contain up to 30 times the amount of lead in genuine tobacco products.

The items also damage the economy as smugglers and sellers pay no duty on the tobacco and no tax on their profits. The sources and major profit-makers of counterfeiting have also been found to fund criminal gangs involved in drugs and prostitution.

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “We destroyed 300kg of illicit goods that had previously been seized from local sellers within Dundee.

“These included unsafe toys, fake tobacco, dangerous electrical items, counterfeit clothing and unsafe cosmetic products.

“The illicit goods were sent to a recycling plant to be destroyed.

“We rely on support and information from the public to ensure a fair and safe trading environment within Dundee. If you have any concerns please contact 03454 04 05 06.”