Dutch warship docked in Dundee

The Nato ship at Dundee Harbour

A Nato delegation under the command of Peter Ramboer of the Belgian Navy docked in Dundee.

The members of Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group One (SNMCMG1) conducted a routine port visit to Dundee as part of their annual schedule of operations.

Ahead of the visit, Commander Ramboer said: “We are happy to pull in to Dundee and tell our stories to the local population. We work hard at sea to protect the welfare of our society.

“We are looking forward to some days of rest in this beautiful city.”

Prior to the visit, the group — which includes Dutch ship HNLMS Mercuur and Royal Navy mine hunter HMS Cattistock — conducted operational training at sea and a port visit to Hull.

The ship left the city last night.