Dundee’s West End becoming ‘paradise’ for gulls due to overflowing bins

Residents in the West End are claiming local streets are turning into a “gulls’ paradise” due to overflowing bins.

Rubbish in Peddie Street.

Images taken over the last 48 hours show rubbish scattered across city streets thanks to bins which don’t have the capacity to deal with the amount of waste being placed in them.

The pictures were taken in locations including Windsor Street, Peddie Street, Seymour Street and Forest Park Road.

Rubbish scattered on the pavement and road is attracting gulls to Windsor Street.

Dundee City Council said it had now cleared the rubbish from the problem locations.

One resident said he was “disgusted” at the state of many local streets.

He added: “This wasn’t just one bin. There were at least five bins on different streets with the same issues. I know this isn’t just a West End problem but there was a gull the size of a large cat gorging on someone’s household waste on Forest Park Road.

“It’s turning into a gulls’ paradise around here.”

Rubbish spilling out of bins near Blackness Library on Perth Road, taken last year.

Ward councillors Richard McCready and Fraser Macpherson both voiced their concerns about the ongoing issues in the ward.

Mr Macpherson said he’d had a number of complaints in recent weeks about the Eurobins.

He added: “The key issue is that the collections don’t fall behind.

“Collection of the Eurobins should be happening twice a week.

“Since their introduction in 2015 the issues in the ward had generally levelled off but in recent weeks the number of complaints has increased.

“I’m not sure if the start of the summer and the end of tenancies has been a factor.

“To the department’s defence, any time I’ve highlighted an issue they have quickly tried to deal with it.”

Richard McCready.

Mr McCready added: “I am concerned that local residents regularly have to put up with overflowing bins.

“While it is clear that people must take some responsibility for their actions, I do wonder whether more could be done in the West End at this time of year.”

A council spokesman said tenants should make use of all the bins provided.

He said: “We would encourage residents to use the full range of recycling bins available to them in separate bins to cut down on the amount of general waste. These are blue for paper and card, and burgundy for metals, plastic and cartons.”

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