Dundee women recall horror Kingsway smash: ‘We are lucky to be alive’

Two Dundee women today said they are “lucky to be alive” after a horror smash.

Lauren Tinney, 20, from Charleston, and passenger Lia Cosgrove, 18, from Menzieshill, were involved in an accident that temporarily closed both sides of the Kingsway.

The pair said the blue Mini they were in clipped the kerb at speeds of 50mph, near the flyover at Coupar Angus Road, before rolling and colliding with a tree then rolling back down the embankment on to the road.

Lauren Tinney

Lauren, a care assistant, suffered a fractured shoulder and a badly bruised pelvis while Lia, a trainee PE teacher, sprained her neck.

Lauren said: “It all seemed to happen within seconds. We were going along the Kingsway and the wheel started jittering, near to the Peter Vardy garage.

“I tried to bring the car under control and reduce the speed. No matter what I was doing, the car was veering from left to right.

“While I was braking, the car hit the kerb and flipped on to its roof.”

Lia said it felt like an “eternity” before the car landed back on the road.

Lia Cosgrove

She added: “I just closed my eyes and grabbed on to Lauren. It felt like we went pretty high when we flipped and felt the impact immediately.

“I hurt my neck in the collision but my initial reaction was to get out the vehicle.”

Both women managed to crawl out of the window on the driver’s side before staring at the wreckage of the car. Lauren added: “Where the slip road is, we just sat on the embankment looking at the crash scene. We were thinking how the hell have we survived this?”

She said emergency crews, including police, arrived within 10 minutes.

Lia, a former Menzieshill High pupil, was placed in a brace amid fears she had broken her neck.

She said: “The pain was a strong 10. They thought I had broken my neck and I was taken away for scans. They said there was a chance I could have been left paralysed. Fortunately, it was just a sprained neck.”

Lauren said she contacted her mum right after the accident to tell her she was OK.

She said: “As they came down to see us they had to drive past the incident. Athough she knew I was fine, she saw the extent of the damage and started to panic.”

Since the incident on Friday — which was caused by a mechanical fault — both women said they have been experiencing flashbacks of the incident.

Lauren said: “When I’ve closed my eyes, I’ve still been visualising the incident.

“I still can’t believe we got out of this relatively unscathed.”