Dundee woman, 25, who breached the peace in Tesco experiences ‘worst four weeks of her life’ in jail

Tesco Extra in Kingsway West (stock image)

A woman who admitted breaching a community payback order was given a last chance to comply with social workers.

Chelsea Malone, 25, of Dryburgh Crescent, experienced “the worst four weeks of her life” on remand in prison, her solicitor Paul Parker Smith told the court.

“She has now learned her lesson and is anxious to remain out of custody,” he said.

“She admits persistently failing to comply with social workers on the order.”

The community payback order had been imposed for assault and breach of the peace charges at Tesco Extra on Kingsway West in August 2015, where she behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm, shouting and swearing at Daniel Murphy and Erin McCluskey.

She also threatened Mr Murphy with violence and assaulted him by striking him on the face with a Stanley knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Malone also previously admitted committing two shoplifting offences in Leven and Glenrothes in June and July 2016 and possessing Alprazolam in Sainsbury’s in Leven on June 26 2016.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond placed her on a community payback order under supervision for 18 months and told her to comply with social workers or face a jail term.